In partnership with large and small companies, organizations and educational institutions we develop new processes, methodologies and products that are designed to consolidate the country as a leading player in the global fashion scene.

There is a new Brazilian
fashion to create, and
there is a new consumer
model in the world.

A fashion that reflects who we are, our creativity, personality and our cultural wealth. A consumer seeking differentiation, truth and eyes on the future.

In other words, this is our
challenge: to elevate design,
and to be innovative and

Brazil needs to find it’s brand, and we work in the construction of a Brazilian identity.

The creation pyramid dictates the course of our creative fashion processes. With it, and from it, we work for the construction of a Brazilian identity that serves this new consumer model and an increasingly competitive market.


The pyramid represents 100% of the fashion market. Together, its three stages cater to different needs and particular moments of each brand.

60 30 10

10% are at the top of the pyramid. They represent the birth of the idea, innovation, experimentation and the search for “the new” to create desire. Products developed from concept 03 are of medium and long-term investment.


They express the unique, magical, sensory. In the future, they become the base of the pyramid.

It is from this concept that brands should project themselves in the market - connecting with Beta consumers, with fashion information and dictating the rules for other audiences.

The process, acceptance and rationalization of the product.


That is 30% of our pyramid.

We seek new and better results: planning production engineering, logistics and the improvement of distribution and production teams.

This is the time to invest in experiments that were successful and align them to industrial production processes, ensuring the handling of input and successful engineering manufacturing.

The base of the pyramid. The 60% means the mass of the product, carrying out those experiments that have brought positive results since their inception until their acceptance by the final consumer.

They are already consolidated parts, with the power to become a reference for the company.

At this point, our gaze should be facing the masses – that which the world presents as trendy and consumers want by the millions.